landscape photography


My former colleague is a former private school teacher who took photos as a hobby. One day he showed me this HDR photos which he edited using ADOBE lightroom/photoshop and it was amazing! I didn’t give so much attention to it since  I am too busy with my work but not until I started taking photos recently and find it amazing! So I started taking pictures using my Cannon T5 Rebel/ 1200D 18-55 mm lens (My father’s Camera of course!) since I cant afford one and started taking pictures in HDR. Of course I have 100% zero idea on how to do it so I look it over on youtube. Then again Serge Ramelli is awesome. Learned the basics of HDR photography from him. So as you can see, my photos were not that great but then again practice makes perfect so it will take a lot of time and effort before I get those amazing photos.

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

I’ve been taking pictures lately after i quit my job as a computer teacher and I find photography very interesting and addictive. When I was still teaching, my colleague bought a Cannon 700D camera and started into photography as a hobby. He did well and his pictures were amazing. I was too busy with my job that I did not appreciate it a lot not until lately that my father had a Cannon rebel T5/ 1200D that I started trying to take pictures and Woahla! It was amazing. Then I started watching videos of Sergi Ramelli on youtube. He was great and I learned a lot from him. If you are interested into photography I recommend him. I learned a lot from his videos . I’ve been using ADOBE LIGHTROOM/PHOTOSHOP for editing lately and it really helps a lot in post editing and final result was amazing. I am really into photography right now particularly landscape and Portrait photography. I am still practicing and I enjoyed it!

Above is my very first model using Cannon T5 Rebel. Background is edited and remove since she was standing on a clothesline which was very distracting. (lol). Image is not edited perfectly but then again I am still practicing.