Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

I’ve been taking pictures lately after i quit my job as a computer teacher and I find photography very interesting and addictive. When I was still teaching, my colleague bought a Cannon 700D camera and started into photography as a hobby. He did well and his pictures were amazing. I was too busy with my job that I did not appreciate it a lot not until lately that my father had a Cannon rebel T5/ 1200D that I started trying to take pictures and Woahla! It was amazing. Then I started watching videos of Sergi Ramelli on youtube. He was great and I learned a lot from him. If you are interested into photography I recommend him. I learned a lot from his videos . I’ve been using ADOBE LIGHTROOM/PHOTOSHOP for editing lately and it really helps a lot in post editing and final result was amazing. I am really into photography right now particularly landscape and Portrait photography. I am still practicing and I enjoyed it!

Above is my very first model using Cannon T5 Rebel. Background is edited and remove since she was standing on a clothesline which was very distracting. (lol). Image is not edited perfectly but then again I am still practicing.



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